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Australian Public Intellectual Network has many useful links, including Journals Australia. Journals-Australia is a gateway to Australian-content journals. The profiles consist of basic info about the journals, including cover visuals, blurbs, tables of contents, information about subscriptions, guidelines for contributors, links to homepages, ordering instructions, contact details.

API Network

The Griffith Review




Jacket Magazine

LiNQ (Literature in Northern Queensland)

OzLit Magazine




author network - small press

Tobylitt/British Council

East of The Web - Short Stories Uncut - call for Submissions

Welcomes submissions for every part of the magazine and for the following regular slots: Feature articles: Ideas for one-off features are welcome (as a 200-word proposal), but please also send a brief CV and a published or unpublished example of your writing. The writing sample is particularly important. We are unlikely to commission someone without seeing their work first. There is no need to enclose an SAE. We will keep your details on file and contact you if we want to discuss a commission.
This site also offers regular competitions for short stories, poems, etc.

Quarterly Literary Review Singapore

A literary magazine on world cultures and subcultures, and is a publication of the World Cultures Foundation Inc., It publishes both fiction and non-fiction articles with a strong cultural emphasis and is now pleased to present leading and avant-garde works from poets around the world, with fresh insights into international cultures and linguistic differences in its newly created ‘Third Space’. Providing commentary and analysis by Szirine’s poetry editor James Shivers, ‘Third Space’ is where poetry, poets and readers from around the world are coming together and existing in dialogue with each other. Check out ‘Third Space’ in Szirine’s homepage poetry section at:


A publication for young women, is looking for humorous submissions and artwork. For more details visit the website at
or contact Rachel Funari at


Judy Blume - Writing



Round Table Writing -- Writing Tips

Some useful books on writing
The Writers' Guide by Irina Dunn

Writing Down the Bones and Wild Minds

Making Stories – How 10 Australian Novels Were Written
By Sue Woolfe and Kate Grenville

The Artist's Way
by Julie Cameron

On Writing
by Stephen King
Review of

Round Table Magic
How to start and run a successful writing group
A book for writers and writing groups

Writing Your Life
Patti Miller

Life Stories website

Ron Pretty
Creating Poetry

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Round Table

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